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White List of VAT-tax payers

From 01/01/2020 VAT-tax payers are obliged to make transfers to the bank account indicated in the so-called white list if the invoice amount exceeds PLN 15,000 gross. Payment to an account not included in the list will have the following consequences:

• expenses cannot be included in the tax deductible costs under the personal income tax and corporate income tax,

• The purchaser may be liable, together with the seller, for payment of VAT to an unlisted bank account number.

Exemption from this liability may be granted by timely (within 3 working days from the date of payment) formal notification to the relevant Tax Office. We recommend that you check the bank account details of your business partners before making transfers. These details can be checked on the following website:

At your request, we will check the relevant information and, if necessary, send a notice to the Tax Office.

Bad debts relief - now also possible for personal income tax payers and corporate income tax payers

From 01/01/2020 Polish personal income tax payers and corporate income tax payers have the possibility to report losses due to bad debts, which until now was possible only for VAT-tax payers. By applying bad debts relief the taxable income may be reduced by the amount of unpaid receivables. Application of this relief is possible when:

• the debtor is not in bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings on the day preceding the date of the submitting tax return,

• less than two years have passed since the date of issue of the invoice or the date of conclusion of the contract which documents the claim, counting from the end of the year in which the documents were issued,

• the commercial transaction was issued as part of the creditor's and debtor's business and their income is subject to taxation in Poland,

• the date of payment of the invoice was not earlier than after 31/12/2019.

At your request, we can prepare a calculation of bad debt relief for the above tax

Tax microaccount

From 01/01/2020, taxpayers are obliged to pay all receivables related to goods and services tax, corporate income tax and personal income tax for an individual tax microaccount. The tax microaccount shall make it easier for taxpayers not only to pay taxes but also to obtain relevant certificates. An individual tax microaccount may be checked on the website of the Ministry of Finance:

At your request, we can check your individual tax microaccount.

The cross-border changes in the value-added tax!

On 01/01/2020, the European changes to the VAT law came into force (so-called Quick Fixes). The new rules concern the following areas:

• New requirements regarding the EU registration for VAT purposes when carrying out intra-Community supply

• New documentation requirements to prove intra-Community supplies

• Call-off-Stock warehouse

• Chain transactions

It is worth remembering that the Polish legislator has not managed to introduce relevant legal acts into Polish regulations on time. The Polish Ministry of Finance has notified that until the introduction of the changes to the Polish regulations, Polish taxpayers will have a choice between applying the previous provisions of Polish law or the new provisions of the Directive (Implementing Regulation is directly applicable). However, this choice shall be consistent.

You will find more information in the short guide.

New legal acts in the area of licensing the liquid fuels in Poland

New legal acts amending regulations in the area of licensing the liquid fuels have come into force in Poland. The definition of liquid fuels was changed and the group of licensed liquid fuels was extended.

More information on this subject you will find here.

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