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We advise you on your investment moves and business operations in both Germany and Poland. And we assist you in both the field of German and Polish law – from founding a company to making it grow. To offer you the best possible support and assistance we are specialised in:

> Legal affairs
> Tax law
> Financial audit

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... we would like to sincerely congratulate you on the "Top Steuerkanzlei 2017" in three categories. We do agree with the outcome of the Focus survey. For many years, we feel well cared for and professionally advised by you.

Stephan Schwarz (GRG)

Legal affairs

We advise you and represent you in both Germany and Poland in all matters related to commercial and fiscal law. We are a so-called inbound law firm, which means that we represent foreign companies domestically. The key areas we focus on are management of cross-border investment, and legal issues related to business operations. These are areas in which you will derive particular benefit from our profound knowledge of fiscal law in both countries.

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Tax law

We advise you on German, Polish and international tax-related issues. All our tax consultancy activities are focused on optimising the tax burden for companies and private individuals alike. 

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Financial audit

Maintaining bonds of trust with your shareholders, business partners and employees as well as with the general public, is one of the key factors that go to make up your success. This is how we understand the financial audit: not just as an inspection to ensure the correctness, legality and regularity of your accounts and accounting system, but also as an invaluable basis for the analysis of the business situation of your company. 

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Every beginning is hard; but most the beginning a household

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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