We are committed

We engage in various social initiatives. We also encourage our employees and co-workers to take part in such activities.

Several years ago, we moved away from sending paper Christmas cards to our Clients and business partners. Instead, every year we allocate funds to support selected foundations and associations. So far, we have supported, among others:

We are also involved in other initiatives:

  •  from April 2022 we are financially supporting a programme recommended by the Netherland-Polish Chamber of Commerce to take care for refugees from Ukraine in Poland,
  • in 2021 we became involved in an initiative by the "BusinessWoman & Life" magazine to support Ewa Błaszczyk's "A kogo?" foundation. Attorney at law Karolina Barałkiewicz-Sokal, a partner in our law firm, gave an interview for the book "50 Business Personalities", in which she talked about the beginnings of her involvement in ecological projects and in promoting renewable energy sources, as well as about children's volunteering, in which she has been active for many years, and about the framework created by Polish law for charitable activities. The premiere of the book, which took place during the ceremonial gala on 18 June in Warsaw, was accompanied by a charity auction, the proceeds from which will go to the account of the "A kogo?" foundation, which deals with systemic solutions to the problems of people in comas;
  • in 2019, we financially supported the Grand Theatre in Poznan in a concert performance of Stanislaw Moniuszko's "Halka" in one of the most important concert halls in the world - the Berlin Philharmoni
  • in 2019, as part of cooperation between member companies of the Polish-German Economic Circle in Poznań (DWK), attoerney at law Karolina Barałkiewicz-Sokal met with children from the "MALTA" Bilingual Kindergarten (www.froebel-polska.pl), where she told them about the professions of judge, prosecutor, legal adviser, lawyer and notary. Colouring books connected with the legal profession were a big attraction, as was, of course, trying on togas - the "magician's costume";
  • in 2014, our team took part in the Poznań Business Run charity run, the proceeds of which went towards the purchase of prostheses for amputees.