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International Tax Consultancy Services

We advise you on Polish and international tax-related issues. All our tax consultancy activities are focused on optimising the tax burden for companies and private individuals alike. 

Cross-border advisory services on

Polish tax law


For optimal leverage on corporate tax law

Our range of services in Polish accountancy in German, Polish or English language:

  • On-going book keeping for natural and legal persons
  • Monthly financial statements
  • On-going asset accounting
  • Current status reports
  • Establishment of cost centre accounting
  • Delivery of all kinds of tax returns (income tax; corporation tax; VAT; property tax; legal transactions tax, etc.).
  • Delivery of tax returns on behalf of the client to the financial authorities (also electronic tax returns with qualified digital signature)
  • Compilation of statistics
  • Representation of taxpayers before financial authorities in tax-related proceedings
  • Due Diligence
  • Representation of clients before the financial authorities and support during tax audits
  • Updating of registry data
  • Payroll accounting and payslips
  • Remuneration settlements based on contracts in private law (quasi-employment relationships, service contracts etc.)
  • Registration of new employees with social insurance scheme
  • Advice on deductions in payslips (income tax and other withholdings)
  • Optimisation of wages and salaries for tax purposes
  • Compilation of settlements for ZUS the Polish social insurance body including their electronic transmission with qualified digital signaturer
  • Income tax returns for employees
  • Creating various tax returns in preparation for consolidated financial statements 

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Tax consultancy

For optimal leverage on tax law

Our range of services in Polish tax consultancy

On-going tax consultancy services in German, Polish or English language:

  • Expertises on Polish fiscal law
  • Tax declarations of all kinds
  • Representation of clients before the financial authorities on tax-related matters, also including reviewing the correctness / legality of actions taken by the financial administration, correspondence and advisory services
  • Representation of clients before the administrative courts, the regional (Voivodship) administrative courts (WSA) and the Supreme Administrative Court (NSA)
  • Procurement of binding information from the financial authorities
  • Review of contracts in civil law in terms of their implications for tax
  • On-going review of a company’s business operations with a view to optimisation of business processes for tax purposes
  • Preparation of applications for prior turnover tax refunds (in terms of the turnover tax paid in another European country)
  • Due Diligence audits
  • Advisory services on excise duty

Advisory services for business transactions 

  • Expertises on Polish and international fiscal law
  • Application of national fiscal law
  • Application of international fiscal law
  • Avoidance of double taxation
  • Optimisation of tax on transactions
  • Mediation of contacts with the financial administration
  • Tax planning with internal prices

Proceedings before financial authorities and courts 

  • On the spot advice and support during financial audits
  • Representation of clients before the financial administration and in tax-related proceedings
  • Review of correctness / legality of actions undertaken by the financial administration
  • Representation of clients before the administrative courts, the regional (Voivodship) administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court
  • Compilation of court documents, preparation and conduct of correspondence with the financial administration and courts

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International tax law

Our law office in Poznań with its team of tax advisors together with Berlin office with its cooperation partners will help you with questions concerning international tax law, especially in the area of German-Polish relations.

Answers to questions of international tax lawn

Every company and every individual with cross-border business interests has to deal with a huge variety of tax prescriptions from national and international fiscal law. We will help you to recognize the openings offered by the various tax systems and tax rates and to avoid the pitfalls of double taxation.

You can benefit from the following services of our law office in Poland

  • Advice and assistance in the cross-border activities of companies and private persons at home (inbound) and abroad (outbound)
  • Determining people's residency for strategic tax planning
  • Minimising the tax burden with account taken of domestic and foreign tax systems
  • Handling of investments in the form of direct business, a commercial unit or a subsidiary company
  • Application of double taxation conventions and allocation of taxation rights
  • Cross-border financing and transfer of profits
  • Specification of internal prices and mandatory documentation
  • Transfer of business departments to the home country and abroad
  • Optimisation of losses for tax purposes
  • Limited and unlimited tax liability in German and their fiscal consequences
  • Advice and support in the event of relocation to another country or removal to the home country
  • Exemption from or reimbursement of withholding tax at home and abroad
  • Income tax and social insurance for cross-border deployment of employees
  • Handling VAT for international transport of goods and services
  • Procedures for prior turnover tax refunds

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Special: VAT in Poland

Optimising VAT and ongoing VAT support in Poland

A particularly important part of our tax consultancy in Poland is connected with VAT law. Foreign companies that are commercially active in Poland may, under certain circumstances, be obliged to regularly report Polish VAT (on either a monthly or quarterly basis). Even if there is no statutory obligation to register VAT in Poland, it may often be more beneficial to report in order to settle VAT in Poland. We will advise and support you when choosing and implementing the optimal VAT solutions and also, if necessary, when preregistering the VAT. We will also represent your interests when contacting Polish financial authorities so that they can be taken care of as quickly as possible.

VAT payments in Poland and default interest 

VON ZANTHIER & DACHOWSKI offers foreign companies comprehensive support for VAT payments in Poland. Our long-term experience in working together with the Polish tax authorities ensures that the process runs smoothly. This concerns not only paying the VAT itself, since the financial authorities often take a long time to refund VAT. Under some circumstances, a claim for payment of default interest may also apply, which could amount to significant sums.

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