W 2019 r. zmieniły się przepisy regulujące kwestie podatku
u źródła. W 2020 r. podatników czeka kolejna nowelizacja.

Przeczytaj o planowanych zmianach i dowiedz się jak możemy Ci pomóc.

Podatek u źródła

In 2019 we faced in Poland a significant change in the withholding tax. In 2020 we expect further law changes in this matter.

Please read about the withholding tax in Poland and find out how we can help you.

Withholding tax

In 2019 hat sich in Polen die Rechtslage in Bezug auf die Quellensteuer erheblich geändert. In 2020 sind weitere Rechtsänderungen in dieser Hinsicht erwartet.

Bitte machen Sie sich mit diesem Thema vertraut und erkundigen Sie sich, wie wir Sie unterstützen können.


Your success is our goal

Your success is our goal

Your success is our goal

Your success is our goal

Your success is our goal

Your success is our goal


Your success is our goal

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Archive of news

GO North & East Seminar - Sweden, Poland and Ukraine in Zeuthen

The GO Seminar will be held at the Seehotel Zeuthen on the 15th  and the 16th of May 2019, dealing with wind energy abroad, this time in north-eastern European countries. The event will be attended by speakers who will present the latest information on the potential, legal and tax framework conditions in the field of wind energy and share practical experience.

The law firm VON ZANTHIER & SCHULZ will take an active part in this event. The attorney at law Karolina Barałkiewicz-Sokal will give a lecture on "Current framework conditions in Poland - introduction and review". Please find further information about the program on the website.

The Energy Table of the German-Polish Wind Energy Club (GPWEC)

The Energy Table of the German-Polish Wind Energy Club (GPWEC) was held in Poznań on the 6th of March 2019 in Poznań. The moderator and co-organizer of the meeting was the attorney at law Henning von Zanthier. There were two lectures, one on the subject of "Auction in Poland" and the second on "Experiences after winning the auction". This event was a good opportunity to update the news and exchange views during the discussion.

Meeting of members of the DWK at the Ławica airport in Poznań

On the 26th of February 2019 a meeting of members of the DWK took place at the Ławica airport in Poznań. The meeting was organized together with the Capital Club of Wielkopolska and attracted a large group of members of both organizations. The law office VON ZANTHIER & SCHULZ as a member of DWK took part in the event as well and it was represented by the attorneys at law Karolina Barałkiewicz-Sokal and Henning von Zanthier. The organizers showed numerous inaccessible attractions for the average visitor to the airport and the secrets of the airport's work. There was also a conference on threats from IT and cyber security.

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