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Strong partners on your side for that plus in performance 
We work together with skilled partners whenever the particular complexity of the engagement calls for it. In this way we ensure that we are always poised to give you the best and most efficient legal advisory services across a broad range of legal disciplines.


DIRO (Network of Lawyers in Europe)

Founded in 1992, DIRO ( is a Europe-wide alliance of law firms which now comprises of over 80 legal offices in Germany and some 30 law firms in other European countries. Both our offices in Berlin and Poznań are members of DIRO. Over 800 lawyers work in DIRO affiliated legal offices corresponding in German and English as well as the language of their home country. The advantages offered our clients lie in the breadth and size of DIRO’s European network; our excellent knowledge of lawyers working across Europe going back now for over 17 years which forms the basis for the close bonds of trust and effective cooperation forged between us and individual DIRO legal offices across the whole of Europe. In the field of cross-border legal advice, DIRO offers a network of 30 legal offices in all major economic centres in Europe.
For our clients this translates as collaboration with locally based lawyers, and a superb level of professional advice. Detailed information about locations and legal offices can be found in the membership database.

LAWASIA (The Law Association For Asia And The Pacific)

LAWASIA is an association for lawyers, judges and other legal professionals in Asia and the Pacific region, which thus covers one of the most dynamic economic regions in the world. Henning von Zanthier has been a speaker at LAWASIA’s annual conferences since 2006: in Hohhot (China), Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), New Delhi (India) and Seoul (South Korea). He was 10 years member of the M&A working group and at all the conferences cited above has given lectures on various aspects of company law relative to Asian investment in the EU and has been the Chairman of the Asian European Committee since 2015, which presents the chances and risks in the European-Asian region.
Since its establishment in 1966, LAWASIA has gained an enviable reputation among lawyers, business people and governments as one of the very few associations of legal professionals in Asia.
LAWASIA’s main objective is to support professional and business relations between lawyers, businesses and government representatives in the Asia Pacific region.
Since 2006 we have assisted a very substantial amount of investment and trade from companies in the LAWASIA region in and with Germany and Poland in what is an exponentially growing field of business. Our representation of Knits Deutschland GmbH, a subsidiary of the Hong Kong Afasia Group, before the European Court of Justice in 2009- 2011 excited widespread interest in legal journals. 

League of Lawyers

The League of Lawyers is an association of law firms focused on medium-sized companies from Asia and Europe, which are also focussed on Asian-European business activity. The association was founded in Hong Kong in 2013 and currently has 18 members. In 2016, the League of Lawyers was also registered in Germany. The League of Lawyers offers members a platform for the exchange of contacts, ideas on legal matters and business experience. Henning von Zanthier has been the president of the League of Lawyers since 2014.

Tax & Audit


Datev is a software company and IT services provider for tax consultants, financial auditors, lawyers and their clients. The range of services it offers covers accountancy, human resources management, business administration consultancy and tax. Founded in 1966, Datev is one of the biggest information services providers and software companies in Europe.

The Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (IDW)

The Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer – IDW) provides its members with development of the professional rules regulating the exercise of the profession to ensure a guaranteed uniform high level of quality, and also represents the profession of public auditor in politics, administration and other institutions both on the national and international level.
Mr Rüdiger Schulz is a member of the IDW.

The Berlin-Brandenburg Association of Tax Consultants

The Berlin-Brandenburg Association of Tax Consultants (Steuerberaterverband Berlin-Brandenburg) sees itself in the function of a pilot guiding all those who have professional dealings with tax consultancy. The Association serves and maintains the interests of members of the profession, and promotes successful training and further training measures. For over 60 years now the Association has been a solid pillar supporting the profession of a tax consultant.
You would like to get to know the profession of the tax advisor, get information about out working methods or even start a training to become a tax advisor yourself? <span style="color: rgb(133, 0, 11);">Here</span> you can gain interesting insights.


The German association ADVISORS IN INTERNATIONAL TAX LAW e.V. (abbreviated AITL e.V.) coordinates consultancy services from consultants for international tax law.
The cooperation of its members especially consists of the exchange of information between consultants, the exchange of experience with professional organisations and associations concerning international tax law. Furthermore, the association contributes to the consultancy of its members in tax issues, professional and legal questions as well as to the organisation of continuing education (among other things by holding conferences and information events).
The association was established in 2009. Rüdiger Schulz has been active in the board of directors since the association’s foundation. 

Offensive Mittelstand

The "Offensive Mittelstand" - Good for Germany" is a network of the Initiative New Quality of Work to improve the chances of success of SMEs. The common quality standards INQA-company check "Good middle class" is a key instrument of the initiative. The "Offensive Mittelstand" is an independent national initiative with partners of federal and state governments, business organizations, trade associations, guilds, chambers of crafts, quality seal, trade unions, professional associations, health insurance companies, research institutes, services - a total of over 240 partners including our firm. Test yourself!