W 2019 r. zmieniły się przepisy regulujące kwestie podatku
u źródła. W 2020 r. podatników czeka kolejna nowelizacja.

Przeczytaj o planowanych zmianach i dowiedz się jak możemy Ci pomóc.

Podatek u źródła

In 2019 we faced in Poland a significant change in the withholding tax. In 2020 we expect further law changes in this matter.

Please read about the withholding tax in Poland and find out how we can help you.

Withholding tax

In 2019 hat sich in Polen die Rechtslage in Bezug auf die Quellensteuer erheblich geändert. In 2020 sind weitere Rechtsänderungen in dieser Hinsicht erwartet.

Bitte machen Sie sich mit diesem Thema vertraut und erkundigen Sie sich, wie wir Sie unterstützen können.


Your success is our goal

Your success is our goal

Your success is our goal

Your success is our goal

Your success is our goal

Your success is our goal


Your success is our goal

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Archive of news

League of Lawyers Webinar on 29.04.2020 at 11 a.m. CET

On April 29, 2021, League of Lawyers will host a free webinar on foreign investment in Germany and Thailand. Learn from our speakers: Henning von Zanthier (Germany) and Nippita Pukdeetanakul (Thailand). Click here to register.

Congratulations to the BR Volleys!

We have been supporting the BR Volleys as sponsors for many years. Now the old and new German champions won the third final match against VfB Friedrichshafen and have thus secured the eleventh title in the club's history. We are very proud and delighted that the team won the championship even without our active support in the hall.

We were awarded as "TOP Tax Firm 2021″

Our firm is again this year among the "Top Tax Firms 2021″ in Germany in the following areas of work:

  • business consulting
  • international tax consulting
  • administrative enforcement
  • auditing

This is very valuable for us, because professionals recommend professionals in this ranking. Thanks to the opinions of tax advisors, we were also awarded in 2014, 2016-2020. We are very proud of our team. Thank you for the appreciation of our work!

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