LAWASIA & BRAK WEBINAR on 25.03.2021 - State Measures to Save Business during the Pandemic in Asia and Europe

Henning von Zanthier, partner in the Berlin office of VON ZANTHIER & SCHULZ, was one of the panelists at a webinar on “States' Actions to Save Business during Pandemics in Asia and Europe”, organized by the Law Association for Asia and the Pacific and the German Federal Bar Association on 25 March this year. Henning von Zanthier, as Chair of the Asian-European Subcommittee at LAWASIA, conceptualized the event to discuss the glaring differences between East Asian and European countries in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. The meeting discussed government action in the UK, Malaysia, Germany and China. Experts from all four countries talked about labor law support, special regulations under bankruptcy law and state financial assistance to companies. A recording of the webinar can be viewed on the LAWASIA website